One winterday my childhood friend rendered a thought about an ostrobotnian fabricdesign. I decided to carry out this idea and started to plan this designkoncept. I found a textiledesigner, I found Elina. We believed in the safety and strength of traditions. With help from these ingredients the concept made progress.

The ostrobotnian peasantart operated as a fountain of inspiration for the first products. The abundance and powerful colours of the peasentart have been drawn in our minds and this we wanted to present in a way that suits the zeitgeist.

Lyckoboda trademark was created. The world came from whitin me and it felt good. Lycko is a word from the ostrobotnian Swedish dialect and the meaning of this word is luck and the word boda, means a place to live in. The design was created in Nykarleby. Nykarleby has once been listed as the happiest town in Finland. The core of Lyckoboda, is that we people feel good whitin us. The fountain to our well-beeing is often nearer than we foresee.

Lyckoboda rised from love to my native home and creativity.
Lyckoboda rised from love for humanity and for the human being generally.
From love to my parents, my next of kins and friends
From love to artisans and the strength in their strong presence
From love for design and entrepreneurship.

Kristina Kettunen
Lyckoboda - Way of Life

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